Monday, January 5, 2015

Broadchurch recently released on Netflix; better than the American version

I watched Broadchurch, a British television crime drama when it originally aired in 2013. It was captivating, and although it was not based on a true story, it was eye-opening.  How?  Well, it brought to light the effects that a murder can have on family, friends and even acquaintances of the victim. The people who surrounded the 10 year old boy who was found murdered in episode 1 of the series, were all questioned, and for some the hint of accusation wreaked havoc on their lives.

The American remake, called Gracepoint, was aired on Fox in late 2014. I watched several episodes, but then lost interest. I'm not sure if it was because it was too similar to the original (I am never sure why, in this day and age, we need two versions of the same show - can't the American's just watch the British version? Most Canadian's have the same accent as Californians and we have no issue watching British television shows) or if it was because the American version lacked the grit and quieter horror of the story.

On Gracepoint, the lead female detective is played by Anna Gunn, considerably more 'American' in appearance.  In British television, actresses are not normally 'beautiful' in the way that movie stars are or American actresses.  They normally look like regular women, and they have that down-home grit to them of a normal housewife or average office worker. So perhaps that is why Fox did not renew Gracepoint for a second season, whereas Broadchurch was renewed (which starts here in Canada on January 16th on Showcase) for a second season.  Perhaps the American version was missing the overall grit of the show, and the emotion that comes with a story that could happen to anyone in real life.

I give Broadchurch a 9 out of 10.  So catch up quick before the second season airs next Sunday!

Here is the Wikipedia link to info on Broadchurch:

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