Sunday, June 14, 2015

Grand Hotel on Netflix Canada

With a little more comic relief than Downton Abbey, but all the long skirts, separation of social classes and forbidden love, Grand Hotel is a delicious drama that captivates.  It is also a bit of an action-based thriller at times, with gripping scenes of cops and robbers, foot-chases and murderous plots that keep things tense.

If you are not glued to the t.v. because of the storyline, then you will be to see Yon Gonzalez in his role as Julio - the leading man who poses as a waiter in search of his lost sister.  He was voted Spain's 6th sexiest actors, but truly I believe he should be named People Magazine's Sexiest Man ...Of All Time!  His co-star, Amaia Salamanca is equally as beautiful, and is perfect for her role of the innocent, yet intelligently stubborn Alicia. And together, their love story will enchant you.

Who cares if you need to read the English sub-titles! I highly recommend that you WATCH THIS SHOW on Netflix Canada! At the very least, you'll learn a little Spanish along the way.

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