Friday, June 26, 2015

Orange is the New Black Season 3

I just blew through Orange is the New Black Season 3 in three days while working away in my commercial kitchen, making chocolate. And I have to say that it was a very enjoyable way to pass the time.

Season 3 is more sentimental, and yet also funnier than the previous seasons. Perhaps less 'action' happened, and it certainly was not as dark as Season 2 with the infamous 'V', but I enjoyed the humour.

My favourite line in the entire season: " Can I go now that I am done watering your ego flower?" Of course, spoken with a dry and sarcastic Russian accent, the quote is much more amusing.

I am not sure if I love how dark and unfeeling Piper is becoming. But we will let the writers tell us how far she will go in that direction in Season 4.

This show often leaves us wondering what really happened to the real 'Piper' in prison.  How much of the amusing character stories and the lesbian storylines played out?  Does everyone really suddenly become gay once in prison?  I think not, as gay people are born as they are.  But perhaps the need for human affection would come into play for a heterosexual if they were suddenly cut off from a world of boy-girl love. Who knows.  I never plan to find out for myself how much of the show is real or not. I'll just have to enjoy the story-telling of other, fantastic, script-writers.

So watch the show!  I normally prefer dark crime drama, but Orange is the New Black still sucked me in to its fun banter, and at times ridiculous scenarios.

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